Soupy souper soup

May 10, 2011 § Leave a comment

Baby, it’s cold outside. Time for soup.

The Melbourne weather has taken a wintry tone, I’ve got the gloves and hat out for the first time this year. Now it’s time for some soothing nourishing soup.

I eat semi-vegan. I’m not vegan for political reasons, I like the taste of meat. I just feel healthier when I eat only plants. I try to eat at least 2 of 3 meals vegan. Most days it’s three out of three, except for a skerrit of milk in my long macchiato. Anyway, when I look for a good soup these days, I’m looking for something full of beans or legumes and a load of vegies to fill and warm the tummy.

Recently I started making a soup with green lentils; fry onion, garlic and ginger in the saucepan until soft, add carrots and leeks (or celery). Or if you wanna be fancy, call it mirepoix. Then add the lentils, vegetable stock, zucchini and a tin of tomatoes. Chuck in a couple of bay leaves, maybe add some chili flakes or Italian herbs. Simmer for 45 minutes. Eat up. Easy peasy Japanesy.

Other soups I have been eyeing off include;

  • Black Bean and Vegetable Soup – Veganomicon recently came through my letterbox and I’ve been pouring over it every chance I get between studying & work – a lot of oil in some of the recipes, but that’s another post altogether – I’ve got a packet of ‘turtle’ beans in the cupboard, so this will most likely be the next soup I make.
  • Double Pea Soup with Roasted Peppers – another Veganomicon recipe which sounds super yummy, hearty and healthy. Aldi do a decent roasted capsicum in a jar for the lazy amongst us. I also made the Corn Chowder last week, the potato made it nice and creamy without added dairy stuff.
  • A trio of soups from 101 Cookbooks; another Vegetarian Split Pea Soup, Rustic Cabbage Soup – for the in season cabbage and Lively Up Yourself Lentil Soup – similar to my simple lentil soup but with leafy greens. She does do a lovely photo too, doesn’t she?
  • The Stone Soup also a brilliant simple recipe blog. All of the recipes have a maximum of five ingredients. Here’s a tempting Eggplant and White Bean Soup…and some added tips on how carnivores can veg up.

Hope I’ve given you some suggestions for this coolish weather. Now all I need is some yummy rye bread to go with it. Happy souping.



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